Thursday, February 2, 2012

will blog again... for real.

This is yet another blogger account, but not a separate or personal blog though. Like our facebook account this time, it is shared. Sabi ni Rob, this might be one of my year's resolution. Maybe he's right. Coz i actually promised myself not just to read again but to write more as well. Hence, my "iPhotoblog: Shoot & Tell" is being updated almost everyday to have a bit of an easy start in writing.

Here's what started my day: (1) Stuck in Traffic; (2) Sandstorm Day 2 (3) A/C knob in my car was stuck in Heater mode. Missed calls in my office phone showed that my boss rang 20 minutes before I arrived. Of course I told him I got stuck in traffic and that my car had a problem. I never lied.

Wore my 3-inch heels at work not thinking I was still on my 2nd Month-end Closing (Hell)Day. I took this photo to show Rob I've been a very brave woman this morning.

The day in my office was not a very good day as expected. As always, the boss yelled at anyone. Like a lady in her PMS day. I thought he'd miss my name in his "Roll Call of Shame" after I had finished my work earlier than usual, but then he suddenly got pissed at his other staff's stupidity and told me off as if it's my fault. 

I stated my case and left, my ears went scarlet, half-wishing I could cast the Cruciatus spell at him.

Finally, that's dinner. Nothing fancy. Just fries and Squid Balls. The sweet and sour sauce was absolutely delish (of course!).

Tomorrow's my restday. Friday --- Grocery Day... and Laundry Day... and other Chores Day.


"Rest"day nga ba?

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