Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chapter 2: The Profiler

Criminal Minds is one awesome tv show. Aside from its superb storyline and unexpected twists, the quotes at the start and the end of each episode are memorable and thought provoking. For those who are not familiar with it, it is a show about criminological profiling (identifying offenders based on a suspect’s pscyhe). It is very informative and I often find myself trying to outwit my wife in predicting the motive and the identity of the wrongdoers. However, what makes it great for me is that it reminds me of how I built a profile of my wife before we started dating.


I was 10 when I first fell in love. She had the curviest body I ever caressed and her voice was the most serene thing I ever heard. We met every weekend and my hands always became tired after our sessions. Heck, there was even one time that she gave my fingers blisters. We were on and off for the next 4 years and then got back together before I graduated highschool. Summer of 2005 was when she came running to my arms once again. That time, I held her tighter and dated her more often. It was pure bliss.

I guess that was the reason why I had this insatiable desire to be with someone with a breathtaking voice. Though most Filipinas were seldom out-of-tune, I craved for a singer that can equal my first guitar.  Me, her, and my six-string; our portrait of kick-ass had to be complete. 


The profile below was formulated right after the first conversation I had with my wife (see previous blog). 
  1. She was reading a “Kikomachine” comic book. – She was not the type of girl who would be fascinated with vampires and werewolves and their love affair with human beings. It also meant that she most likely came from the best school in the country (the author of the book was from there) and that she was a smart person. 
  2.  The rubber bands she wore covered almost half of her arms. – She was probably between 20 to 25 years old with an inclination for rock and roll and Blink 182 was high on her list of the top 100 bands of all time. Going against the mainstream showed that she has a high sense of self and a well-defined set of goals and aspirations.   
  3. Her name was Kitty. – She obviously liked pets and either owned a dog or a cat. Her being caring and adorable would not be far from reality. Most animal lovers were compassionate to others and were raised in a culture of affection and respect. They often turned out to be good mothers/fathers. 
  4. Her comm skills were impeccable. – Regardless of the nationality, the greatest singers had a modulated voice, a neutral accent, and an exquisite diction whenever they perform. 


It was October of 2007 when Kit sang Debbie Gibson’s “Lost in your Eyes” in a KTV; the first time I heard her sing.

Inside me was a standing ovation.


I was 10 when I first fell in love.

I was 21 when I first fell in love.


  1. shweet nito adre.. at rock on tayo sa blink182.. ngapala, tutugtog smashing pumpkins dito ngayong august, nood kayo?

    1. salamat salamat.

      wala kami dyan e. between march - may lagi ang bakasyon namin. sayang. dami na namin nalampasan.

    2. sayang.. world tour naman nila 'yun eh.. wala bang balita na dadaan sila dyan senyo?

    3. wala halos banda na nagpupunta dito e. malas lang talaga. sa dubai madami pero dito sa amin wala. hoobastank na pinakamagandang pumunta dito. well, nagpunta yung david guetta kaso dehins naman namin trip yun. lol.