Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of Happy Fridays and Macarons!

We woke up friday in the morning, feeling too lazy to get up (hmmm..i think that's just me. haha!) for our weekend routine: have breakfast and go to Carrefour afterwards. Columbus Cafe that day's a bit crowded, my husband hesitated to stop there and grab some coffee coz our usual couch was taken by some young Arabs, and so we headed to our next favorite breakfast spot: Paul..

Told my husband to consider this a milestone coz I finally got a chance to munch on 
the sought after Raspberry Macarons at Paul!

I also let him have this divine treat. 
Oh come on, you might think I'm exaggerating but it really tastes good. 
It is a bit pricey though. 

My Vanilla & Rasberry Macarons!

Hot Choco & Madeleine

Hot Choco, Capuccino, & Paul's House Bread

Rob's Roast Beef Sandwich

At Carrefour. Oh look, these oranges matched my sweater!

Lookie, lookie me and my pink macaronie! Boy, I'm such a happy girl!

Friday's a happy day. If I've mentioned that Fridays are all about chores..well, you have to scratch that! We all have bad days yah know. :)


*all pictures were taken using our iPhones, post-processed in Instagram.

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