Friday, February 10, 2012

Kit's Lunch Cheat Sheet: Silverside Steaks with Stir-fry Veggies in Cream Cheese

We're totally full up with what we had in breakfast (refer to my previous post) but since Friday's the only day we could eat together and I usually spoil Rob with his fave home-cooked steaks on weekends, let me share with you the cheat sheet of cooking a full steak meal, my way.

Silverside Steak, Cheesy Veggies & Brocolli with Curled Fries (optional) *

Silverside Steak

Cooking stuff:

- Slabs of Silverside Steaks
- Light Soy Sauce (Less Sodium)
- a Tablespoon of Oyster Sauce
- Salt & Pepper
- 4 Tablespoons Butter
- 5 Tablespoons Oil
- a Tablespoon of Sugar
- 3 cloves of Crushed Garlic
- McCormick Mix Herbs

How it's done:

For a minimum of 1 hour prior to cooking time, I've placed the steaks in a platter enough to soak & cover them in their marinade. The marinade is a mixture of Soy Sauce (at an amount that can soak the meats in the platter), Oyster Sauce, Sugar, Salt & Pepper (Mid-sized granules for Steaks, Not ground nor Whole), Crushed/ Chopped Garlic and 1 Tablespoon of McCormick Mixed Herbs. Turn over the side of the steaks after 30 minutes to evenly soak the meats on both sides.

Heated up my griller to high, added butter and after it's completely melted, I've laid the steaks evenly then set the stove to medium heat. When the pan was running out of butter, I've added some cooking oil to keep it from burning. Cook your steaks according to your preference. We like ours well done.

When it looked like my steaks are almost cooked, I've poured a tablespoon or two of marinade on the meat, let it simmer for about a minute then turned over the meats on the other side, poured another tablespoon of marinade to add flavor to the cooked steak. Now, for the..

Steak Gravy

Cooking stuff:

- Instant/ Ready to Cook Mushroom Soup (Canned, Powder)
- Salt & Pepper
- Oyster Sauce
- Parsley
- Butter

How it's done:

Heated up the butter in a small pot while I mixed a half package of Mushroom Soup powder in a glass of hot water (half-full). When the butter was completely melted, I poured the soup mixture and stirred. To get the brownish, gravy color I've added Oyster sauce in the mixture. Added a dash of Salt & Pepper. When it thickened, I removed it from the stove, poured it over the steaks on each plate and topped with chopped parsley.

The Veggies

Cooking stuff:

- Butter (2 Tablespoons)
- Broccoli (steamed)
- Red or Yellow Capsicums (triangular slices)
- Spring Onions (chopped)
- Baguio Beans (1-inched cuts)
- Carrots (sliced in to strips)
- Cream Cheese (mine was Kraft's Philadelphia)

How it's done:
I've prepared my steamed broccoli while I was cooking the steak (you can also cook it while doing the gravy). I've melted the butter in the same pot where I cooked the gravy. Added the beans and the carrots, stirred and dashed with salt & pepper. After 2 minutes, I added the capsicums and spring onions and continued stirring. Then, I removed the carrots & beans from the pan. After a minute, I've put the cream cheese and stirred, spreading it all over the bell peppers & onions. Removed them from heat and placed them on the plate alongside the other veggies.

Instead of having rice, we've had Mcain's Seasoned Curly Fries to complete our meal. We actually thought we'd never going to have dinner that night but.. well, we had. Haha!

* A light bulb foodie from Kitty's Kitchenomics.

** The image above was taken using my iPhone, post-processed in Instagram.

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