Friday, February 17, 2012

Picky Eaters: American Grill (Somerset Tower)

Fridays are not complete without hanging out at some breakfast spot around 8 to 10 in the morning for a decent cuppa coffee or perhaps a plateful of hot pancakes. For this reason, we thought of blabbing about our dining experience and came up with...

The Picky Eaters is a weekly journal about our experience at a restaurant, coffee shop, diner or any place where we spend our Friday ritual. It may also include any place we've been to for an unplanned date since Rob always gives me random excuses to dine out. My blab will give focus mainly on: (1) Food, (2) Place, (3) Service, (4) Price, and (5) Overall experience. So, without further ado, my first Picky Eater blab is for:

American Grill

Located in Westbay where the only landmarks I am familiar of are W Doha and Kempinski Hotels, according to Rob it's at Somerset Westbay Tower (just a couple of steps away from Kempinski) --- he's never wrong, Haha! And so we found the place after a few turns looking for the nearest parking space. Later on, we realized that we should've parked in front of the restaurant which is ironically at the back of the hotel. :)

We were greeted politely by fellow Filipino servers, I asked them if we're too late for the breakfast buffet. And yep, we're quite disappointed by her response. Diner atmospheres have always been a plus for me. The hard wooden floors, posters, and framed memorabilia of American history, high chairs surrounding the bar, brick-walls, a couch, and good music.

The breakfast menus were handed over to us and within a minute Rob had set his eyes on All American Slams. The winner was a big plate of pancakes, bacon strips, fried potatoes, veggie sidings, and 2 eggs cooked according to your pref (scrambled, sunny side up, what have you). He also had a cup of Cappuccino.

Rob's All-American Slams


Mine said: Create your Own Omelet. I told the waitress I wanted everything in it (mushrooms, green bell peppers, bacon, grated cheese, onions, tomatoes, topped with more mozzarella cheese). It came with a mug of Hot Choco.

My Put-Everything-In-It Omelet. LOL

Hot Chocolate

The waitress got our orders mixed up for not writing them down but it's all good. She was always smiling and asked us if the food was good or if we needed anything else. We didn't wait for too long to be served with our food. So, as long as the basics are there when it comes to service, it's an ok for me.

The food is good, as far as my taste buds can tell,. At first, it seemed to me that when my omelet was served, I've ordered Nachos with melted cheese on top but when I forked the tender vegetables enveloped by the melted cheese and eggs, I found that it's utterly tasty after all! Rob cleaned his plate with his toast while my tummy's full up and satisfied. Coz of this, we didn't eat for the rest of the day until dinner.

The tab is Ok for a hotel restaurant. Could be cheaper if we got there earlier for the breakfast buffet which costs Qrs.40 per person (Php 472.00), Not quite sure if it includes refreshments though. 

All American Slams: Qrs. 34/- (Php 401.00) 
Capuccino: Qrs.16/- (Php 189.00) 
Create Your Own Omelet: Qrs. 36/- (Php 425.00) 
Hot Chocolate: Qrs.15/- (Php 177.00) 
Bottled Water: Qrs.6/- (Php 70.00) 
Bill for Two: Qrs.106/- (Php 1,250.00)

To conclude, the overall dining experience was 3 forks out of 5. The place is perfect for a Friday morning munch if one wants a comfy atmosphere and good food amidst the city jungle of Westbay. We might go back for their burgers and sandwiches next time as I've heard they are popular for such. If one would like to give them a try, they are open as early as 6 in the morning up until 11 PM.

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