Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chapter 5: The Optimist

I pity the kids of this generation. While I do appreciate all the technological advancements that are available today, I still feel that mine and my parents’ childhood are more exciting and more fun. We may not have pawned anyone in DOTA/DOTA2 but at least we flew kites and ran across rice fields. We may not have swiped angry birds on smart phones but at least we played “Patintero”  under moonlit skies. We may not have watched movies in 3D but we at least had The Neverending Story, The Land Before Time, and all the other movies that that have been remade to blu-ray for the sake of this era. 

Music during our time was also was better. Bieber and One Direction don’t even amount to a hair strand of the singers of our years. Today, MTV has Jersey Shore. Back then, we had Beavis and Butthead, Daria, and Celebrity Death Match. How cool, right?
Lastly, I pity the kids of this decade because they don’t have any action heroes left. Forget the cast of The Expendables; the children of the year 2000 and up don’t even have a Richard Dean Anderson. 

MacGyver is one of the most kick-ass shows of my childhood. Up to now, I can still remember how I fervently waited for his show to air on RPN 9. Every episode is a classic family bonding moment. They way they applied science to the series is entertainingly educational, too. Also, he is a guy who only held a gun three times for seven seasons and escaped every situation with just a Swiss knife and duct tape. No sex. No violence. Pure awesome, I say. On top of all this, he taught me a very important lesson in life:  

 Another day, a whole 'nother set of fresh possibilities ... I'm a sucker for mornings”


She said no.

After a number of movie tickets, coffee cups, and restaurant menus, I ended that January night with an “L” on my forehead. She still had a lot of other priorities and we were better off as friends. A relationship was not on her plate that time. It was the dreaded “Nothing against you but I’m not ready yet. I’m sorry”. I was crushed.

I always felt that we looked good together. We had this chemistry. We laughed at the silliest of things. We even chatted until early morning during our rest days. She was the first person I was really comfortable talking to. In fact, the day before I got promoted, we spent a good amount of hours planning what to discuss during the job interview. She was also the first one I texted when I found out that I got the position.

That night, I decided to move on. Staying friends with her was difficult for me. I just sucked at accepting defeat. Nothing against her but I was not that good back then at handling rejection. I had no reason to continue pursuing someone who only saw me as a friend. It was also the mature thing to do.

Or so I thought.

It started with a poem. And then another one. And then another one. Until one day I realized that I have sent her a poem every single day for the past month. There was no particular theme. All of them had a different concept. But all of them were for her. From cooking to music to constellations,  I was so inspired by what happened that my friends were also impressed by the things that I wrote. I didn’t move on after all. Rather, I unconsciously tried another route to her heart. 

And it worked.

I marked my calendar: February 16. UP Fair 2008.

A date at her Alma Mater.

Thank you, Angus MacGyver.

Anagram: Ruby Rachelle Camba

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