Sunday, July 15, 2012

1. Good Girl

In the past 3 years of our married life, my heart swells with new insights, realized dreams, ticked to-do checkboxes, and a lot of other stuff to be grateful for. For a person obsessed with itemized narratives, i believe there exists a bullet list of musings, simple or grand, that is definitely worth sharing:

1. It pays to be a good girl.

If you give yourself to others and love them just because ill-feelings do not thrive in your heart, this certain positivity deflects back at you.

I believe that God grants the deserving the desires of their heart. Growing up, I've been nourished with love by a family of rock stars; and at a young age, I've found my soulmate without having my heart crushed and glued back from one failed relationship to another.

Perhaps the song, "You Get What You Give" is true after all.

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